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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Benefits Administration Introduction

When you buy Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management Application, you can license different Products with it. If you are licensed only for Human Resource, this would includeBase Benefits module. With Base Benefits, you can process employees benefits through manual process. If you need automated process, then you would need to license forBenefits Adminstration Product and have it selected under Installation Table as shown below:

With Base Benefits:
Benefits Supervisor must manually determines eligibility, assigns benefit program and enrolls/terminates/changes enrollments in Base Benefits for an employee.
With Ben Admin:
PeopleSoft Ben Admin process automatically determines eligibility, assigns benefit program and enrolls/terminates/changes enrollments in Base Benefits.

Benefits Administration builds upon Base Benefits Functionality. This means that, you must first setup all relevant tables in Base Benefits; This enables you to link eligblity and event processing rules to your benefit programs , plan types and benefit plan options.

What is Benefits Administration?

1. Benefits Administration allows you to manage your benefit enrollment activity through automated processes.

For example, with BenAdmin, when you Hire an employees, this will be processed through the benefits enrollment process automatically based on the BenAdmin specific rules that were defined in the set-up.

If you had Base Benefits, the enrollment process would have been done manually.

2. These processes are rules-driven based on specific setup.
3. Rules are triggered by changes to an employee’s benefits related fields

So, What is the Benefits Administration (BAS) process?
The process that enrolls employees in benefit programs and updates the Base Benefits tables with any new election information.

There are different stages in BAS Process like Schedule population, determine program eligibility, and prepare options, generate enrollment forms, enter data, validate and load elections, and issue confirmation statements. We will learn them in detail in next posts...

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  1. When you hire an employee and if you had Ben Admin setup, how does PS know in which Benifit program the employee has to be enrolled? Do you have any fields on the job page to enter the ben policy so as to process this employee? thanks