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Monday, July 20, 2009

PeopleSoft Benefits Administration Process:

PeopleSoft Benefits Administration Process:

Let’s talk about Ben Admin Process at high-level. We know that that are different phases to process Ben Admin.

The PeopleSoft Benefits Administration application is used to manage employee benefits. The process is designed to automate all aspects of benefit processing. It is a four phase process that determines population, determines benefit program eligibility, prepares enrollment options, and validates and loads elections. The information entered and processed in Benefits Administration automatically updates the Base Benefits tables.


1. Determine Population:

The system determines processing based on the population selected. Benefits Administration can be programmed to look at a particular company, benefits program, or a particular group of individuals. You can use BAS GROUP ID, which determines the participants for an Event Maintenance or Open Enrollment schedule. In the Open Enrollment process, you must define and associate an Open Enrollment Definition ID with the schedule.

2. Scheduling and Program Assignment
The system evaluates information in HRMS against the eligibility rules to determine which benefit program an employee is eligible to participate.

During the process, the application assigns events to a BAS processing schedule. And the scheduled events are then assigned to benefit programs.

3. Prepare Options
After determining the proper Benefit Program, the Ben Admin process opens up the plan options available to the employee based on the benefit program and eligibility rules for data entry. It will generate an enrollment form for an employee with only the plan options in which an employee is eligible to participate. When a participant’s enrollment statement in printed, the process status is updated from PR to Notified (NT)

4. Validate and Load Elections
The system validates the changes and loads updated election information. It evaluates and loads election entries based on event rules into the Base benefit tables. If the process runs successfully, its status changes to Finalized/Enrolled (FE). It will generate a confirmation statement which are printed and mailed to participant assigned with FE status.

You would do a third run, for which the BAS process finalizes investment elections for participants who submitted incomplete or incorrect enrollment statements. In case of any errors, the Election Error (EE) process status is displayed. Errors may occur due to an incomplete rule setup, inconsistent HR data, or an invalid election entry by the employee. Events are assigned a process status for each run, which enables you to determine the status and correct the errors. Run the BAS process again after reviewing and correcting any errors.


  1. Thanks for Basic Outline process of PeopleSoft Benefits Administration application. Process describes very well in form of tables and easy understanding!! Thanks Again!!

    benefits management

  2. Hi, i have a weird situation here. When OE was run for 2010, employees who do not figure for OE(eg temp employees) went to a process status of 'Finalized-Ben Pgm None' , which is the correct status for these employees. However, teh event status stayed 'Open'. Shouldn't the event status default to 'Closed' for this process status ? How do we close the event for these employees ? Any advice/suggestion would be great ! - An